Advanced Pilates Pop-Up Class

From: $30.00

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Show up ready to work at a fast pace. Advanced Pilates Pop-Up Class is a 50-minute workout that gets your heart pumping and muscles shaking. This workout will push you to the edge and is for clients that have taken classes and are familiar with the basic exercises but ready to incorporate variations of basic exercises as well as taken your practice to a new level with new or more challenging exercises. $30.00 (limited to 12)

What is a Pilates Pop-Up?

A Pilates Pop-Up class brings Pilates to you through trained instructors and provides room for your workout and to experience everything Pilates has to offer with the freedom of being outdoors in a group setting. Economical, convenient, and fast, Pilates Pop-Ups are taking traditional studios to a higher and more challenging level. Pilates Pop-Ups are a win-win for Pilates and students. You get a unique experience that yields awesome results with your consistent workout, conveniently located near you at affordable prices in an outdoor environment.

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