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Real Pilates is Hardcore Outdoors

Real Pilates is hardcore and outdoors is the bomb! That’s the motto of the newest Dallas Pilates rage, Pilates Pop-Up, set to open December 1, 2021 in Park Cities, Dallas. Join us outdoors in several local parks. Find our convenient locations. Led by Joyce Schaer, a...

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The Ultimate Pilates Guide

If you’ve been looking for a new workout routine that can give you a good balance of flexibility, strength, muscle tone and help for a few aches and pains, pilates may be your answer and we are ready to give you the ultimate guide to pilates. While Pilates has been...

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Interviews with Joyce Schaer

Our team recently interviewed Joyce Schaer, the founder of Pilates Pop-Up, on her story, inspiration, passion for Pilates Pop-Up. Q. What services do you offer outdoors? We offer amazing classes at various beautiful Parks around Dallas. Our clients find the...

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